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If you are visiting our website, you might be considering buying a dressage horse. However exciting this project may be, we know it can also be a brain teaser. Where to look ? What to look for ? How much to spend ? How to import ? Who to trust ?

Should those interrogations stop you from chasing your dreams ? Certainly not ! Those are legitimate questions to ask yourselves and they must be carefully answered.

We offer professional assistance throughout the horse shopping process to make your experience more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you plan to travel or prefer buying on video, we will advice you personally every step of the way.

You might have one shot at making the right choice. Let us help you make your equestrian dreams come true.

								Nom du cheval

								Nom du cheval

A team of experts

We oversee the cooperation of riders, trainers, vets, shipping companies, sanitary services to make sure every aspect of the sale goes smoothly.

International network

The perfect horse might hide away from mainstream sales structures. We rely on tight connexions to reveal those special horses.

Premium services

Full assistance from selecting a suitable horse to having him safely delivered at your stable. Our team also provides « after sales » training.

Transparency as a guideline

Choose your horse knowingly and you’ll end up being happy ! It’s not about finding a flawless horse, that does not exist. It’s about embracing his flaws.

Buying a horse with Pamfou Dressage How does it work?

Our methodology
1. Define your criteria

Step 1

Presenting a selection of hand picked horses matching your specific requests
2. Ask us your questions

Step 2

Providing photos/videos/show record of the horse and scheduling trials when needed
3. Access the full file

Step 3

Supervising a pre purchase examination providing the list of requested blood tests
4. Benefit from a total assistance

Step 4

Facilitating negotiations and drafting contracts
4. Benefit from a total assistance

Step 5

Coordinating transport providing relevant sanitary documents

The Pamfou Dressage selection Horses for sale


How Pamfou Dressage can help market your horse


Entrust our team to advertise and sell your dressage horse. Should you assign us to promote your horse, we will manage the sale from A to Z : producing quality images, ensuring proper publicity on social media, handling customer relations, synchronising all parties involved in the sales process, conducting negotiations and formulating all relevant paper work. Several options can be considered : horse in full training with our team at Pamfou Dressage ; one day/week test riding the horse in our stable ; sending one of our agents test the horse at home.

I would like Pamfou Dressage to promote my dressage horse for sale Learn more about valorization

Want to know more ?

Discover a variety of information likely to facilitate the purchase of a dressage horse, access technical resources to support you in your equestrian practice and follow the news of Pamfou Dressage

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