Camille Judet Chéret

Who am I ?

I graduated with a Master 2 in Strategy and Communication of Organizations at Sciences Po Lille and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Canterbury (Kent, United Kingdom). I also have my French trainer’s degree DEJEPS – AHN (diploma of the popular youth and sports – Athlete high level mention “dressage”).

I started horse riding at ten years old. My first team selection was back in 2003 for the Poney European Championships Necarn Castle, Ireland with Etel du Martray.

I like team work, I always have a new project on fire, my family comes first, I talk to my horses as if they were human, I invest myself 100% in everything I do, I’m determined (stubborn?) and very emotional (too sensitive?) I’m a perfectionist and I don’t like change.

I am very lucky to share a passion and a place like Pamfou Dressage with the people I love, to have so many fantastic horses in our stable and have the support of many partners.

A few statistics
Mon palmarès

  • 5 titles of champion of France
  • 5 medals in Championship of France
  • 7 selections in team of France for the European Championships
  • 1 selection for the final of the World Cup, young riders

  • 70 international selections
  • 28 horses in events
  • 116 first places on 490 mounted proofs
  • 7th in individual Championships of Europe Youth riders
  • 4th in the Championships of Europe young riders team

  • Bronze medal of the Championship of France Pro

  • 2nd of the CDI * Saumur

  • 2nd of the CDI * Barcelona

  • 3rd of the CDI * Barcelona

  • 2nd of the CDI * Pompadour 

  • 5th of the CDI * Compiègne 

  • 4th of the CDI * Saumur

  • 1 the CDI * Biarritz
  • France hope – young horses Grand Prix Criterium champion

  • 4th of the Masters Pro – 7 year old horses
  • 5th in the Championship of the horses of 6 years – great week of Saumur
  • 17 national victories

  • 3rd of the CDI * Biarritz 

  • 3rd of the CDI * Pompadour 

  • 8th of the CDI * Compiègne 

  • 5th of the CDI * Saumur

  • 20 national victories

  • Finalist of the Moorsele CDIY
  • 10th of the Compiègne CDIY
  • 7th CDIY of Leudelange, Luxembourg
  • 4th of the Biarritz CDIY
  • Selection for the Championships of Europe young riders

  • Champion of France youth riders
  • 7th in the World Championships
  • World Youth Cup finalist
  • CDIY Vierzon 1st
  • 7th CDIY Weert
  • 3rd in the Saumur CDIY

  • Champion of France youth riders 

  • 13th in the European Youth Championships 

  • 6th CDIY Bonn

  • 7th CDIY Weert

  • 8th Saumur CDIY

  • 1st CDIJ Herentals
  • Vice Champion of France Juniors
  • 8th Saumur CDIJ
  • Selection for the Junior Championships of Europe

  • Champion of France Juniors
  • 6th in the Junior Championships of Europe
  • 9th Grand Prize International of Saumur
  • 10th Grand Prix International Vierzon
  • 2nd CDIJ Wouwse crash
  • 2nd Grand Prize International Zwolle

  • 3rd in the Championship of France

  • Finalist European pony Championships 

  • 3rd in the Barzago CDIJ

  • 4th CDIJ Roosendaal 

  • Vice Champion of France
  • Bronze medal of the Championships of France Juniors
  • Champion of France pony As

  • 3rd in the small final of the Championships of Europe pony

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Mes chevaux

Réhus Hit Grand field

Gelding 2005 Sandro Hit x Quat’ under

Level Grand Prix

Wood Luric scoop

Gelding 2006 Earl Thurin x

Level Grand Prix


Gelding 2003 Londonderry x Wanderbursch II

Level Grand Prix

Ma revue de presse

    Since 2014, I hosted the Grand Prix Magazine ‘ technical training’ section. Every month I get pick, dissect and illustrate a topic specific to the training for our readers.

    Interviews, photos, videos, suggested exercises, explanation of the notation… everything is there to to better understand the subtlety of the discipline of dressage.

    Read the full paper at newsstands or on iGrandPrix items!