The stable


At the heart of the Brie, discover a bucolic property crossed by a river with views of a park.

This idyllic setting offers infrastructure all comfort as well as a flowery and warm atmosphere. Prairie and forest roads complement this equestrian complex of high quality.

In addition to conditions and optimal training possibilities of trips outside, a space of relaxation overlooking careers is available exclusively for members of Prix Dressage and their escorts.

1 career 70 x 25

1 career 70 x 35

1 ride 60 x 25

The ride is fully covered and equipped with full lighting. A rectangle of dressage is still mounted in one of the two careers. Riding school and career are sound.

All the tracks is open to all the riders and horses from the stables at all times.


Summer or winter, all horses spend a half day out 7 days a week.

The stables are equipped with four upholstery including two owners with individual lockers Saddlery Saddles door, door-nets and shelf.

On the four existing preparation rooms, two are exclusively reserved to the owners. They are arranged for the greater comfort of riders and horses with mats, ties of security and sinks.

A multi-jet shower covered offers hot and cold water. A solarium is available.

The laundry room equipped with a machine capable of hosting the winter cover is also made available.