Roeckl Sports




Family business whose production is German, Roeckl unquestionably is a leader in the business of sport glove. Tradition and innovation marry perfectly in those who don't stop to progress to equip the best athletes from many disciplines, including equestrian. Two cousins, Stefan and Christian, managed from Munich production of gloves for riding, cycling, mountaineering, skiing… For 170 years, Roeckl dressed hands and today we are proud to represent this prestigious brand alongside famous riders such as Charlotte Dujardin and Kristina Sprehe.



"A rider is wired from head to foot not only for the sake of aesthetics but also security. Have not always been faithful to Roeckl in the past, without yet being linked, but this collaboration seems today obvious. Much more than a glove, Roeckl allows us to be chic down to the last detail thanks to its wide selection of colors and materials". (Corentin)