Result of two years of research, the horseCom kit is designed to reduce the stress of the horse while enhancing the quality of the relationship of complicity between the rider and his horse. Through earphones placed on the hat, the horse and the headset directly attached to the rider's helmet the couple meet in a bubble of intimacy despite the external turmoil, to abstraction of any disruptive element. A wide choice of music may be broadcast by adapting to look and search mindset. With the Bluetooth connection, the coach can speak clearly to the rider and the horse.




"The horseCom experience has been unique and exciting. We are proud to have the honor to be associated with an innovative project that aims to revolutionize the practice of equestrian sports. To be effective, the rider must establish a real relationship of trust with his horse and share a great friendship with him. The horseCom kit allows to deepen the quality of the horse/rider/coach relationship and offers a real ability to adapt to the profile of each. Many features of this product will most likely make it essential. horseCom settled in a process of harmonization of the discipline and research the serenity of the couple, absolutely essential elements to achieve an optimal concentration for a high-level performance. "