Greepex animal health offers 50 veterinary products meet the needs of leisure and sport horses. Care, food supplements and dietary products… everything is there to ensure comfort and well being to your horse. Muscle in the Airways through maintenance of the skin and joints without forgetting the stress management and vitamin intake, Greenpex designs a complete range of highest quality to ensure the best form for your horse.





"Greenpex is a faithful partner of the Prix Dressage Team and support our team for many years. The balance of our horses is maintained largely through products Greenpex which provides them with everything they need: vitamins, minerals, trace minerals salts… We use the full range of Greenpex to prepare horses for the effort and guarantee them healthy throughout the year as well as in competition. The Greenpex team is an expert in his field, operates in the best conditions in his laboratory in Seine and Marne, and exports its products worldwide in all disciplines. Its founder, Michel Crommer, is a connoisseur of the equestrian sports and horse lovers. It's naturally that Prix Dressage and Greenpex came to work together because we share a same devotion to our horses and a common envy of many do by providing them with maximum care and preparation to go smoothly at a high level." 




Our horses receive daily the mixture Special training (salt minerals – vitamin – trace elements – amino acids)

We use Arnicagel after an effort or following a shock to relieve the muscle masses.

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