Founded in 1964, the GPA brand was initially established in the car business. The first real riding helmet is approved in 1998 and GPA supports early the greatest champions in the horse world. Medals are increasing under the colours of GPA with with them the brand has established itself as the market leader. Michel Finquel, owner of GPA, partnership with the French company UFO to ensure 100% production. Experience and know-how allow the production of high-end and custom helmets. Expert in composites, UFO control design tools, manufacturing and design on behalf of GPA.


GPA is causing many technical developments in the world of riding. Materials, more efficient, guarantee a maximum of safety and comfort. Carbon, textalium, aluminium, loris, titanium, stainless… all elements providing resistance and lightness to the GPA helmets.




"We have found an exceptional partner in GPA because it ensures daily our security, which is absolutely essential. Not a day goes without that we wear a helmet, regardless of the horse, the type of meeting, the outside temperature. We fully trust in helmets and team GPA. The products are 100% customizable, extremely comfortable and very aesthetic. Today, the hat surprises and the helmet in dressage became the norm. We are totally in favour of the helmet and hope to set a good example in protecting us up. DPM offers a wide range of original and comfortable headphones perfectly adapted to the practice of the discipline of dressage. GPA also produces an absolutely wonderful frac which ensure ease and comfort in competition and technical quality of competition jackets clothing."