Gold leaf

Gold Leaf is a unique brand of its kind. Eowen Earlie, its founder, an exceptional craftsman! Gold Leaf offers belts, handbags, collars for dog, bracelets but also halters, nets and straps 100% customizable, custom and entirely handmade. The leather is of the highest quality, the originality of the models has as limit your imagination, the quality of the work is admirable. You've dreamed of a flange? Whatever the color, size, or shape, Gold Leaf is able to create especially for you. Choose the leather, the rhinestones, wire… and leave with a unique product that will be entirely to your image.





"We met on the occasion of the Pro Elite Prix Dressage 2015 Eowen. Before that, we couldn't imagine that a flange can be so beautiful! More than just a flange, the work produced by Gold Leaf is similar to art. Eowen manufactures each piece with love and passion. He deeply loves his craft and it shows in the quality of its products. Like us, Gold Leaf positions itself in a constant quest for perfection. Precision, elegance, rigor… our points in common with this brand very high-end are many. "Like us, Gold Leaf is demanding, ambitious and innovative in its creations and works with the utmost professionalism to ensure the horse comfort and highlight its absolute beauty".


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