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Founded in 1997 by Vincent Aulion and installed at the Puy Notre Dame, the company has just been taken over by Vincent Le Gal. Specialized in manufacturing custom dressage saddle, Aulion SADDLER uses 100% of first ways bought in France while all manufacturing steps is done in the Saumur area workshops.


Each saddle requires 25 hours of work. Before the launch of manufacturing, a session with test and dynamic settings is organized with the horse and the rider. Locomotion and riding level are taken into account in the adjustment of the saddle to each couple, guaranteeing the uniqueness of the product and performance optimization.

Aulion SADDLER and Prix Dressage share the same philosophy and goals: the well being of the horse, the comfort of the rider, the sport performance. Each experts in our field, we have chosen since the summer 2015 to join forces to move together toward our common ambitions: the sporting success and the international influence by placing the horse at the center of our approach. Through the Aulion saddle, the couple can evolve in the best technical conditions with a custom tool, entirely on measurement and 100% french. Corentin and Camille proudly represent their country in International Dressage competition and are happy to promote handicrafts.



Vincent Le Gal chose Camille and Corentin because he believes they represent today the youth and the renewal of the high level in France and that all means are put at the service of their success: courageous career choices, selection of quality horses,. proper management of these horses, management of excellence, framework adapted…).


For their part, Camille and Corentin are serene when their future as riders Aulion SADDLER: "we were able to enjoy the quality of the product and especially comfort saddles Aulion provided instantly to our horses. The Aulion saddle is a high quality product but also very technical which is essential to reach the highest level. We appreciate the openness of the company, his desire of modernity but also his legacy and his experience. The high level has requirements which go beyond pure skills of the rider and which require to consider absolutely all aspects of the sport, the quality of the equipment in mind. "We want to provide our horses with the right hardware and Aulion SADDLER has filled all the criteria: professional team and product 100% custom that fits all the riders and horses whatever their level".


With great enthusiasm and confidence, our two houses rejoice in this beautiful collaboration that will materialize by a team Aulion SADDLER in the Grand National 2016.

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