Arjuna is a French company specializing in textiles for Equestrian use. The best yarns and fabrics are selected to create high quality products for a value for money unbeatable. Bands, American cotton, blankets, rugs, hangings of boxing… As many products as colours and materials available! Each user can concoct a creation unique to the colors of his stables at Arjuna by adapting the model to his horse, his needs and desires!




"Arjuna is our oldest partner. For years, we test its quality, support its evolution, admire its development. We are incredibly proud to grow alongside this company based in the nearby village but famous throughout the world! At Equita'Lyon, his bands rage every year with international dressage riders! Hundreds of colours are available, to everyone's happiness! The resistance and the lifecycle of products Arjuna is simply unbeatable. Elegance and performance guarantees for the greater comfort of horses and the delight of the eyes!" 



Our sport horses are working daily with the bands of polos from Arjuna. They never travel without their cottons Americans and their bands of rest of this same brand.


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