They have made us riders that we are and they accompany us to each of our steps…


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Warkant x Abhang II

1990 – 2011

Bought on the advice of Isabella at the age of 9, Warkantos began his career in the United States under the saddle of Bill Coester. Repatriated in France a few years later, we have entrusted the horse Fabien Godelle then Norbert van Laak in Germany. Warkantos joined our Prix stables where he played under the saddle of Camille before enjoying a peaceful retirement.

He left us only a few hours before the death of his father, the famous Stallion Warkant.

His prize list

  • Bryan Mechelen, Belgium, 2007
  • Bryan Mechelen Belgium, 2006
  • Col3 * Saumur, France 2006
  • Col3 * Vierzon, France, 2006, 5th place
  • Col3 * Zwolle, Netherlands, 2006, 2nd place

The word of Camille

Warkantos was my master. I owe everything I am today since it was he who made me discover the sensations of the high level for the first time.

We had 15 years everything the two when he allowed me access to the wonders of the Grand Prix… Thanks to his generosity, enthusiasm, in his kindness Warkantos opened the doors of the high school despite my inexperience and my clumsiness. He was the horse of a lifetime, one that you meet only once, when one is lucky…

I would have tasted with him to the most beautiful of the complicities that a rider can maintain with his horse. It has been an extraordinary partner whose charisma was matched by tenderness.

A Lord with a big heart…

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Right x Palisander

1997 – 2008

Bought at the age of 3 years in Münster-Handorf auction sales, Dinah has successfully participated in the trials young horses before competing in the juniors with Camille. She was sold to the Japan but unfortunately not had the chance to discover his new home since she died soon after his arrival.

His prize list

  • Vice Champion of France 6 years, Saumur, 2003
  • France Juniors, Vierzon 2004 Championship Bronze Medal
  • B, Saumur France Championship silver medal, 2004
  • France Juniors, Vierzon 2005 Championship Bronze Medal
  • France Juniors, Prix champion, 2006
  • 6th in the European Juniors Stadl Paura, Austria championship team

The word of Camille

We had the chance to cross the road to Dinah to sales when she was three years old and I knew right away that we field a pair. Like me, she had character!

She was gorgeous… a Princess… Delicate, his trot seemed to give wings… She was very demanding, a virtuoso. It was no mistake and has taught me patience, listening, rigor. She arrived too early in my life to date, probably…

Today, I remember her as a small miracle as its quality was out of the ordinary. I'm sorry she left us so early.

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Wesley x Feiner Stern

1998 – 2015

Owned by Alexandra Muller, this magnificent Hanoverian mare's happiness of several riders, including that of Paul who was lucky enough to cross his path in 2009. With Wellness, he started on horseback with the Cadet trials competition. If this association lasted only a year, she has been decisive in the spirit of Corentin that memories of moving.

His prize list

  • Champion of France Cadet, Saumur, 2009
  • 12 wins in 2009 year Amateur 2 and 1

The word of Corentin

Wellness was a love of Mare. I thank enough the Müller family for his trust and generosity by offering me the opportunity to live this adventure with their great Mare. I consider myself fortunate to have been adopted by Wellness, to have been able to take advantage of his kindness and to be able to learn through his benevolence with a young rider…

In 2015, Wellness has left us, and his departure has left a real void in our lives. In addition to its intrinsic quality for sports, Wellness was a true companion, a pretty heart in a nice body…


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Dornik B x Downland Folklore


In the Pottier family since 2005, Danao has evolved under the saddle of the sister of Corentin, Marie-Camille, before initiating the younger brother to dressage. Corentin made the great leap of the pony club exclusive practice of dressage in 2007 at the age of 14 years. Finally, the couple has evolved into race horse and pony on the national and international scene. At the time of horse, Danao joined a new young rider in the Canada where he continued a successful career.

His prize list

  • Bronze medal in the Championship of France Cadet, Saumur, 2008
  • CDIP Biarritz, 2009 winner

The word of Corentin

I was other than a yet another small boy doing the pony before we start chapter Danao. I jumped, I loved the full and life did it took to get to training. Not necessarily easy for a teenager! Danao has been convincing! My life changed completely, I evolved from the pony club dressage competition stabled, I grew up, I've matured… all this along with my pony! It has changed me and probably changed the course of things…

Danao is a very learned pony who spoke to me as a real schoolmaster. It made me love this discipline which has since become my life and allowed me to do my arms. It was the first page of a long novel, the introduction of a story that continues to unfold in front of me… Thanks my pony!

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Rocky Grichet x Ashfield Sparrow


After having participated in a European Championship under the saddle of Chloé Lanternier, Etel has joined our family at the age of 7 years. Pony, Connemara, Etel began his career in full but was soon performing in the discipline of dressage. Isabelle has tried this pony, while Camille was absolutely not on horseback but love at first sight was immediate! She does not regret have yielded to this whim, the future will have shown him, wasn't a!

ETel leads a peaceful retirement to Prix where he is and will remain to the end of the master of the House!

His prize list

  • Pony, Ireland, 2003 European Championships
  • Pony, Lamotte Beuvron France Championship Bronze Medal, 2004
  • Winner of the cup of France, Jablines, 2004
  • Winner of many competitions horses up to the level Saint Georges

The word of Camille

Titou, is the transition from a life of little girl to a life of small rider. Titou, it's love at first sight. The meeting which has suddenly given meaning.

Titou, is the ray of sunshine that gets out me of bed in the morning, it is fresh water that refreshes me when my lower motivation, it's the little cloud that walks in my dreams at night.

If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't date today. Titou, it's my first love, and even now, at adulthood, if my mother to wake me up early in the morning she resumed the magic words "Let's climb Titou". A sure value!

Titou is the King of Prix… It is neither small nor old… It is my ideal, my love and always one to all my past, present and future happiness.

Mister Grand Champ

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Rohdiamant x quarter of the village


Mister has been "ORDERED" by Isabelle who suggested to his breeder, Mr. Guénard, to choose the Stallion Rohdiamant for his Diane Grand Champ Mare. With the Prix Dressage team, Diane had she even been successful in tests young horses SHF.

At the age of three, Mister joined our stables to begin his career as a sport horse. In 2012, Mister joined South of the France where he began a new adventure with a young rider.

His prize list

  • The young riders, Frankfurt, Germany World Cup final
  • Champion of young riders, Saumur-France, 2009
  • the European young riders Ermelo, Netherlands Championship 7th, 2009
  • Winner of the CDIYR of Vierzon, 2009
  • Champion of France youth riders, Saumur, 2008
  • 4th in the Championship of Europe young riders, Azeitão, Portugal team, 2008
  • Winner of CDIJ of Herentals, Belgium, 2007
  • 2nd CDIJ of Hickstead, United Kingdom, 2007
  • Vice Champion of France B, Prix, 2007
  • 3rd in the final of the 5 years, Saumur, 2005
  • Champion France 4 years, Saumur, 2004
  • Champion of France of 3 years male and Champion Supreme, Saumur, 2003

The word of Camille

Mister has been my best partner. I liked his character, I liked his presence, I liked our common adventure. I don't count the number of times or it made me cry with joy. I've known him my best experiences and my greatest success. We formed a real couple for years, we knew by heart. It is the horse that can not only dream: fashion plate, high-level athlete, an accomplice of my daily life. A beautiful love story that enabled us to conquer Europe dragging us among the best "young riders" of the world.

With Mister I learned competition, the objectives, the disappointments sometimes but especially the successes and most of all I learned to be in perfect harmony with my horse, to enjoy each moment, to grasp the uniqueness…

Mister has had many fans and I know that today ' it is still in many spirits. For our family, there will be an extraordinary adventure and we keep preciously hundreds of memories with him. He spends all his summer holiday at Prix and every time it is with emotion that we open the doors of his house.

Magic Ronaldo

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Rubinstein x Ramiro


Camille was a priceless chance to succeed Imke Schellekens Bartels and Edward Gal as rider of Magic Ronaldo. It is a chance, at the end of a friendship, to be dropped on this beautiful black stallion. When he arrived at Prix, he had to be out of the Meadow where he had spent several years after being one of the lighthouses in the Netherlands. With his previous riders, Ronaldo had already been very successful as a young horse and especially as a Stallion but an injury very early had cut short his career.

Finally, it is very healthy that Ronaldo has recovered the lands of international competitions under the Tricolor and very quickly he is reconciled with the first places!

In 2011, Ronaldo made the happiness of a young rider who was able thanks to him make a nice transition to the pony to the horse.

His prize list

  • Qualified for the final of the CDI * Pompadour, 2011
  • Qualified for the final of the CDI * Saumur, 2011
  • Finalist of the Biarritz CDIYR, 2010
  • CDIYR Leudelange, Luxembourg finalist, 2010

The word of Camille

This meeting was unplanned, unexpected. Ronaldo is a very famous Stallion who without the 2000s had so many foals. We have already had two of these products to Prix that looked like him like two drops of water: Wonderland!

Ronaldo has been for us a real challenge: he arrived at Prix as he came out of the meadow. He had the reputation of a great horse, famous in Holland, but who had been missing for several years. It was more about work and we have come a very long way together.

It taught me patience and perseverance, he proved to me that with a lot of will and work it was still possible to access the high level. The quality and temperament of this horse are outside the norm. Ultimately, Ronaldo indulged fully in me, he placed his trust in me, it was during these years of work with us. I loved every second of our cooperation, I do not regret a moment the time we spent together looking for the solution. Tracking technical it took to follow to finally access the victory, to see pick up notes close to 70% in St. George… It's the most beautiful sports experience that have ever me to live. We each draw from the deepest us even to express the best of each other, we we are mutually tame to finally achieve the most perfect osmosis…