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Gelding, OLDENBURGER, 175 cm, 2012


We have known this beautiful horse for many years as he first arrived in France as a 7 years old. He received professional training and was very well educated. With three top quality basic gaits, he quickly showed much talent to reach Grand Prix. His rideability is so high he could be trained up to the highest level in the smoothest way. A real lady's horse, he was always very friendly and willing. He is incredibly eager to please and generous under the saddle. On foot, he has the sweetest character, is incredibly affectionate and lovable. 

He is a reliable horse on a show ground, adapts very quickly to a new place and rider, is the absolute favorite horse of all grooms as he relentlessly disctributes hugs and kisses. He has beautifully uphill flying changes, lots of expression in all extensions, a magnificent cadence in passage and huge charisma overall. Hi is suitable for a young or amateur rider hoping to have fun with a quality horse to learn all Grand Prix movements as well as for a professional rider with ambition to perform at the highest international level.