Isabelle, Camille and Corentin are in charge of the physical preparation of your horse and adapt the program according to the needs and objectives of each, offering you a fully customized "all inclusive" formula or pay-per-view services. The sessions are distributed in order to give the horse the most appropriate at any given time gymnastics.

The stable is open and functioning normally every day of the week.

In complete pension formula / work, horses go to the paddock each day during a half-day (8 h 30 – 12 h 30 or 13: 00 – 17: 00 approximately) provided the necessary conditions. 

In General, horses work 4 or 5 times maximum per week under saddle (this rate is obviously reduced for young horses depending on their age and growth). Depending on the case, one or two lanyards are built into the program.

The training pace follows most of the time the following pattern: two or three working days mounted with a lighter session or a trotting, a day of paddock or pen and so on… In the end, the week is punctuated by four more intensive sessions.

A session usually cut in the following way: 10 minutes not in hand, 10 minutes of not mounted, 30 to 45 minutes of interrupted training lots of breaks with relaxation and recovery active, 15 minutes of not mounted / in hand or walk.

Prix Dressage offers an all inclusive of pension work which corresponds to the total support of your horse 7 days a week is all of his training. Monday to Sunday without any exception we manage the outputs of your horse, whatever they may be.

When conditions permit, your horse is out to the paddock on a daily basis by the members of our team who will systematically equip equipment left for that purpose.

One of the members of the team ensures a particular course when you ride. The rest of the week, the schedule of your horse is fully managed by our team: mounted meeting, lanyard, trotting, walk, not in the hand…