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Like kindergarden, breaking in a young horseis a crucial phase in the training  of the horse. A good foundation of foot and horse education guarantee a stable and healthy relationship between the horse and rider for the future. Because breaking is a key moment for the rest of the career of the horse, it is necessary to appeal to competent professionals.

Pamfou Dressage offers you a special breaking including life and thus optimal training conditions that support a team qualified, two major assets in the positive evolution of your foal. We all w

ant the best for our young horses for their growth and their education in order to make balanced and suitable for sport horses. Prix Dressage is access to adequate infrastructure with daily output to the paddock in order to ensure the good mind of foals and their socialization. The handling of your foal will be managed by a competent team and tuned to the individual needs of each horse, what allow him to evolve into a trust with the man, but also with other dogs.

Its breaking will be soft and gradual manner, in respect for his integrity and uniqueness starting by manipulation walk, learning of the lanyard, the discovery of the net and the saddle and then finally the rider. The opportunity for him to discover the pleasures of receiving care, to understand all aspects of community life in a stable, to learn to live by exploring every novelty in serenity (enter the shower or the preparation room, is) walk in career or in the forest, quietly towards the paddocks…).


TTC 750 / month