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from 29 October to 1 November


Danciero 1er 0

Abel 4ème0

Dorny 5ème0

Rehus Hit 1er0

Gotcha 2ème0

Five couples and five rankings for the Prix Dressage Team at the Championship of France! Two 5th places, a silver medal and two gold medals! What a success! An efficient and cohesive team, whose performance had matched only by the great team spirit! Congratulations to all!


from 22 to 25 October

Rehus Hit Grand Champ 3ème0

Gotcha 3ème0

Scoop du Bois Luric0

Continued growth and rankings multiply for the Team Prix Dressage horses! Réhus Hit 3rd intermediate B just outside Gotcha. Gotcha 3rd intermediate II. Scoop confirms with twice more than 65% to only 9 years old!


from 22 to 25 October

Danciero 1er0

For the third consecutive time, Margaux and Danciero have won the Amateur 2 free thanks to a technically excellent delivery and moving artistically. This first competition indoors was not intimidated this used to catwalks couple that demonstrates their potential to each event…


from 24 to 27 September

Nombre de classements0

Gotcha 2ème0

Rehus Hit Grand Champ 4ème0

Scoop du Bois Luric 6ème0

The Team Prix Dressage horses have monopolized the ranking of the CDI * Medium round of Saumur by picking up plates and waves in the intermediary B then the intermediate II with averages between 65.6% and 68.5%.


from 24 to 27 September

Forza de Hus Médaille de Bronze0

2ème de la préliminaire0

Under the saddle of Margaux Damonneville, Forza of Hus captured the bronze medal of the final Cycle free 2nd year 5 years! Constant, this Mare by Fidertanz and daughter of a clone of Poetin Z ranks third of the preliminary and the final to finally finish on the third step of the podium!


from 3 to 5 September

Nombre de classements0

Victoire de Danciero0

Daikiri du Fayard0

A fine contest in nièvre at Sandrine Page and François Doucet where Prix Dressage was represented by no less than 10 horses in a total of 19 tests.


27-28 June

Nombre de victoires0

Dewi M Pro 3 Imposé B0

Two wins in three races for the Team


from 23 to 26 July

Nombre de classements0

Gotcha en U250

Whole family took advantage of the CDI * of the International Division of the horse in Deauville to spend a week of vacation / contest with Réhus Hit big field, wood Luric and Gotcha Scoop which competed respectively on the Medium and the U25. An international competition of good quality with best infrastructure. A week full of tourist and gastronomic escapades…


from 10 to 12 July

Dewi Pro 7 ans B0

Gotcha Pro 1 Grand Prix0

Rehus Hit Pro 1 Grand Prix0

Prix Dressage monopolized the podium in Vierzon by winning two medals at the 2015 edition of the Championship Pro 1: Corentin and Gotcha gold medal and a bronze medal for Camille and Réhus Hit Grand Champ. Shahira of Apolline ranked 5th in his first Criterium hope Grand Tour, reserved for horses of Grand Prix of 8 to 10 years while Scoop of wood Luric was debuting in the Medium turn level. A great organized competition of masterfully by the Cambourieu family!

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8 and 9 October

Margaux & Danciero 1er B2-B10

Manon & Dorny 1e D20

Sandrine & Sandro 2e Inter I0

Audrey & Prunelle 1e RLM C0

Margaux & USA 2e C30

Corinne & Figaro 5e C10


from 3 to 5 September

Camille & Show Dancer 1er en 6 ans0

Camille & Scoop 2e en GP0

Corentin & Divertimento 1e en A40

Margaux & Forza 2e en 6 ans0

Alexandra & Abel 2e en PSG0

Margaux & USA 3e en C40


from 5 to 7 August

Camille & Show Dancer 1er en 6 ans0

Corentin & Divertimento 1er en Pro 10

Margaux & Danciero 1er en B20

Christelle & Rubens 2e en C10

Margaux & Forza 2e en 6 ans0

Cedric & Tornado 3eme en Pro 10

Corinne & Figaro 7e en C10

The Prix Dressage team was at the top of his form this weekend at the Grand National de Compiègne with including a ranking in the Grand Prix for Scoop of the wood Luric and Camille. For their first attempt at this level of competition, Corentin and Divertimento this award consecutively the first then the second place in Pro 1 with up to 67% followed closely by Cédic and Tornado, student of Isabelle for the past six months. Congratulations to all the riders who have defended our colors this weekend and won numerous rankings! Note the two beautiful award-winning hope for the beautiful Show Dancer JCD!


from 15 to 17 July

Alexandra & Abel 1er en Amateur Elite0

Alexandra & Checkpoint 1er en C20

Manon & Dorny 3ème en D20

Corinne & Figaro 0

Margaux & USA0


from 6 to 10 July

Camille & Scoop médaille de bronze Pro 10

Corentin & Monkey 1er en 4 ans0

Margaux & Danciero 1er en B2-B10

Claire & Amani 9ème en kür Inter I0

Sandrine & Sandro 4ème en A70

Margaux & Forza 1ere prime 6 ans0

Dancing Highness aka Monkey has undoubtedly been the revelation of the Prix Dressage Team during the great contest of the stables of the impacted in Vierzon. With more than 83% in the final, she took the test under the saddle of Corentin and earned two premiums hope during this stage qualifying labelled SHF, last stretch before the great week of farming in Saumur in September.

Scoop of wood Luric pulled out of the game by pocketing her first National Medal in the Championship of France Pro 1, thus hoisting his Camille rider on the third step of the podium.


from 24 to 26 June

Marine & Zeus 4eme en D30

Alexandra & Checkpoint 3ème en C2 0

Christelle & Rubens 1er en C20

Alexandra & Abel 1er en PSG0

Margaux & Danciero 1er en B20

Cedric & Tornado 3eme en Inter II 0

Sandrine & Sandro 3ème en Inter I0

Claire & Amani 4ème en Inter I0


from 15 to 17 June

Corentin & Gotcha meilleurs français de l'individuelle0

The Prix Dressage Team was lucky to live the unique experience to participate in a European Championship in the European cradle of dressage: beautiful Hagen contest at family Kasselman. Congratulations to team of France for the good results and the warm atmosphere!


from 10 to 12 June

Divertimento & Laurence 3ème en A70

Claire et Amani PSG0

Camille et Scoop 3eme en Inter II0

Corentin & Lancelot 6eme en Inter II0

Corentin & Divertimento 4eme en PSG0


from 19 to 22 may

Corentin & Gotcha0


from 7 to 10 April

Pourcentage de classements0

Margaux & Danciero 1er en B10

Manon & Dorny 2ème en D2 & D10

Alex & Abel 1er en Amateur Elite Grand Prix0

Cédric & Tornado 5ème en As Jeunes Cavaliers0

Claire & Amani 3ème en As Jeunes Cavaliers0

Christelle & Rubens 5ème C20

Sandrine & Sandro 5ème en Saint Georges0

Cédric & Sunshine 2ème en B40

Margaux & Forza 1ère prime 6 ans0

Corentin & Amani 3ème A70

Eleven horses have defended this weekend the colors of Prix Dressage during the Grand National of the Haras de Jardy in tests amateur 3, 2, 1, Elite, but also in the classic cycle of 6 years, the tour of the young riders and Pro 2 and Pro 1 test As. Each of our seven students have been classified with averages between 66 and 72%! Bravo to all for these exceptional results!


from April 28 to May 1

Claire et Amani classés en PSG0

Cedric et Tornado classés en musique0


from 6 to 8 may

Dancing Highness 1ère CC 4ans0

Dewi & Camille 1ère en A90

Daikiri & Camille 2ème en A100

Mac Donovan & Margaux 2ème en CC 4 ans0

Rubens & Christelle 1er en C20

Abel & Alex 3ème en PSG0

Boréale & Aurore 1ère en D30


from 18 to 20 March 2016

Danciero 1er en B20

Danciero 1er en B10

Forza 6 ans 0

Lancelot 1er GP U250

Abel 4ème en A70

Rubens 3ème en C10

Amani 1er PSG0

Then that Margaux and Alexandra is entered successfully into a new category, Christelle made its debut in competition with Rubens. The weekend of the Grand National was marked by 4 wins and 8 rankings between the second and sixth place for Prix Dressage Team! Congratulations to all!


from 2 to 6 February 2016

Grand Prix Jeunes - Gotcha0

Return to international competition in Belgium for Corentin and Gotcha in the beautiful ring of Azelhof in Grand price U25. An atmosphere animated in a difficult context but despite costly mistakes a Gotcha in progress in the Grand Prix. An early season promising FEI!


from 22 to 24 January 2016

Danciero 1er en B20

Danciero 1er en B10

Gotcha 2ème en Inter II0

Shahira 2ème en A7 0

First exit Margaux 2016 for the Prix Dressage team and a promising since start and Danciero, champions of France Amateur 2 by 2015, won their first B2 with B1 and 70% with almost 69%. Corentin and Gotcha confirm their good form by finishing 2nd in the Inter II with more than 67% and 64% in their first Grand Prix. Hortense and Shahira begin tests young riders with nearly 65% despite mistakes of youth.