They are our daily life and we make a little more progress every day…

Rehus Hit Grand Champ

Its information


Sandro Hit x Quat' under


Réhus Hit was raised by Michel Guenard Grand Champ breeding just as Mister. He joined our stables at the age of three and has never left us since. It is a shy horse that had to be cajoled to over the years until today a real couple with Camille. From 6 years old, Réhus Hit began the competition and reached the level of the Grand Prix only 9 years old.

His prize list

  • Champion of France U26 Mans 2015 (66,553% – intermediate II)
  • Bronze Medal of the Championship of France Pro 1 Vierzon (65,421% – intermediate II) 2015
  • 2nd of the CDI * Medium round Deauville, France (65,462%)
  • 2nd of the CDI * Medium round Saumur, France, 2015 (69,306%)
  • 2nd of the col3 * Medium round Barcelona, Spain, 2015 (69,484%)
  • 2nd of the col3 * small round Pompadour, France, 2014 (69,100%)
  • 5th of the col3 * small Tour Compiègne, France, 2014 (69,350%)
  • Final young horses of 6 years, great week of Saumur, 2011

The word of Camille

Since the very first day, I liked Réhus Hit and yet, it has not always been the national road! We had our doubts and our challenges but the work eventually paid off! Réhus is a beautiful horse with three gaits. He has a temperament rather introverted and reserved but he trusts us and invests a lot in training.

We crossed together all the steps since it is young horse. He is the first horse I've brought me to the Grand Prix with the daily guidance of my mother of course. It has strengthened me in my work and showed us that our technology is paying off. It's a fine horse that requires us to great rigor and precision in our approach to the high level, which makes our exciting collaboration. He is just and demanding, attentive and emotional… In short, a great horse who forces me to constantly move forward and ultimately a variety me of sports and human satisfaction. I love his sensitivity and subtlety at work. This horse attracts me, surprise me, excites me… Every morning I look forward to find and a little deeper intimacy in our relationship.

Today we have a very nice complicity and I hope a bright common future…

Scoop du Bois Luric

Its information


Earl Thurin x


Scoop belongs to the Majurel family who was born and raised. He joined our stable at the age of three years and is at work since. After attending occasionally but successfully tests 4 and 5 years old classic in show jumping under the saddle of Max Thirouin, Scoop began his career in dressage competition up to the Grand Prix level in 2015 as seriously.

His prize list

  • 3rd of the CDI * Medium round Deauville, 2015
  • 5th Pro 7 years has, great week of Saumur, 2013 (67,975%)
  • 5th in the final of the 6 Classic, great week of Saumur, 2012 (78,200%)
  • 3rd in the final Cycle free 1st year, great week of Saumur, 2011 (74,600%)

The word of Camille

Generosity, kindness, tolerance, concentration, energy, goodwill… That's what set Scoop which is a real little ray of sunshine to Prix since 2009. Scoop is always in a good mood, it is voluntary and dynamic. Scoop is cuddly, he is loving and endearing. He is sociable and very much devoted to his rider. He is a student model, always ready to do anything to please. It of a good living, a happy horse and blossoms. He passes on his State of mind to its stable buddies, plays with his neighbours in the paddock, reassures the shyest, encourages less confident.

Training he always gives 100%. A little daily happiness…


Its information


Goethe x Calypso II


Started by Julia Chevanne Olympic rider, Gotcha evolves under the saddle of Corentin since 2010. The couple progressed since junior until the Grand Prize through young riders, all at international level. Pillar of the team of France in recent years, Corentin and Gotcha form a functioning couple who continues to travel the road together.

His prize list

  • Vice Champion of France Le Mans, 2015 U26
  • Champion of France Pro 1, Vierzon, 2015 (67,875%)
  • 3rd of the Saumur CDIU25, 2015 (66,442%)
  • Winner CDIU25 Barcelona, Spain, 2015 (70,000%)
  • Champion of France youth riders, Le Mans, 2014 (70,375%)
  • Vice Champion of France Pro 1, Le Mans, 2014 (67,976%)
  • 2nd of the CDI * Medium Tower, Saumur, 2014 (68,595%)
  • Young riders, Arezzo, Italy European Championship finalist, 2014 (69,368%)
  • 2nd CDIY Pompadour, 2014 (71,396%)
  • 5th CDIY Compiègne, 2014 (68,237%)
  • Vice Champion of France Pro 2, Saumur, 2013 (69,237)
  • Championship of Europe young riders, Compiègne, 2013
  • 6 of the Saumur CDIY, 2013 (67,447%)
  • Bronze Medal Championship of France Pro 2, Saumur, 2012 (69,000%)
  • 6th CDIY Moorsele, Belgium, 2012 (67,850%)
  • the Saumur CDIY 5th, 2012 (70,200%)
  • Champion of France Amateur Elite, Mulhouse, 2011 (70,600%)

The word of Corentin

My journey with Gotcha is sensational. This horse taught me everything and made me make giant steps. He was already very learned when I went to ride but we have achieved together a lot other until you reach the Grand Prix. Gotcha was kind enough to agree to be my first try, the first horse on which I could experiment. We know by heart, for better or for worse!

On the track, Gotcha is a fighter, he has a very big heart and will always do everything to be at the top! I can always count on him. It's a rather emotional horse that needs a lot of attention but to work and especially in test it is really reliable. It is quite exceptional to reach the Grand Prix with his junior horse, I'm well aware of my chance and I am very grateful to be able to go at the end of our adventure.


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Londonderry x Wanderbursch II


Lancelot has arrived in France foal and began his training under the saddle of Alexandre Ayache before joining the stables of Arnaud Serre. Bought by the Judet-Chéret family in 2013, Lancelot began his career as a Grand Prix horse accompanied by Camille on the U25 circuit. The power of Lucky has not left indifferent, and quickly the results were at the rendezvous.

His prize list

  • Winner of the intermediate II, Prix, 2014 (68,580%)
  • Winner of the Biarritz CDIU25, 2013 (66,686%)
  • Champion of France Criterium hope Grand Tour Pro 1 Grand Prize, Saumur, 2013 (68,631%)
  • 2nd in Pro 1 at le Mans, 2013 (68,077%)

The word of Camille

Lancelot is a very powerful and charismatic horse. It is aptly named! He's a fighter equipped with a phenomenal energy. After a year of working together, Luck has had a lot of success in competition. For me, this is a great horse, but he was able to make himself available to my riding. It's a very loving horse fond attention and tenderness.

Dewi M

Its information


Sandro Hit x Jazz


After starting his career in the Netherlands under the saddle of the young Dutch rider Robin Beeking, Dewi M joined the France 5 years following his participation in the Pavo Cup at year-end to prepare for Gotcha for Corentin.

His prize list

  • Winner of the Pompadour, 2014 CDIYH
  • Vice Champion of France 6 Classic years, 2014

The word of Camille

Dewi is a competitor in the soul. To this day, she was always at the Rendezvous in test for major deadlines.

Show Dancer JCD

Its information


Show Star De Niro x


Showi joined the Judet-Chéret family to only one month while it was still under the mother. Raised by Martina Kamp, he grew up in Hof Hartwig bubble to Cuxhaven in Germany. Ridden to Prix Dressage at the age of three years, he has not left our stables since and continues his training.

His prize list

  • 4 wins at 4 outputs in Cycle Classic 6 years including 3 premiums hope up to 79%
  • Bonus Bronze and 6th place 3 years the great week of Saumur, 2013

The word of Camille

Showi is the most endearing of horses! In another life, he had to be dog: labrador! He loves people and contact. Show loves the game, he loves kids, it's a good living. He's always in good spirits and gives us all smile. He learns very quickly and constantly seems advanced for her age while we take a lot of time with our young horses. We have followed its evolution from an early age, took him to his first contest… We share a beautiful partnership!

Valeureux de Hus

Its information


Silver Rainbow x Rohdiamant


Valiant was born at Haras de Hus before joining the stable of Virginie Mathys. At the age of three, he was placed in escrow sale to Prix Dressage and didn't finally leave the stable since the Judet-Chéret family made the acquisition. Already under the saddle, he evolved his classic qualification to the great week of Saumur in 4 years and now continues to rise.

His prize list

  • 4th the small final 4 classic years of the great week of Saumur with 78%, 2013