Half way between modernity and tradition, enter the unique world of Pamfou Dressage
Pamfou Dressage is above all a family story, the history of two generations who share the same passion for dressage and horses.
Pamfou Dressage is a peaceful property in an area of France called Brie (like the cheese !), a horse paradise nature and calm prevail.
Pamfou Dressage is run by a dynamic and dedicated team who ensures the well-being, comfort and serenity of all horses on site. Pamfou Dressage is an ambitious project happy to welcome each and every one of you, a once in a lifetime adventure for all of us…



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An exceptional site

Quality facilities in a bucolic setting. Forest roads and hectares of grasslands only one hour away from Paris.

Horses for sale

Pamfou Dressage offers a large selection of dressage horses for sale from foal to Grand Prix horses.

High quality services

International judge 5 *, Isabelle Judet reveals her recommendations to be successful on competition.

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Our family

A horse enthusiasts family teamed up around one project : Pamfou Dressage

Jean Claude Cheret

“The Pamfou Dressage adventure was born in 1978 and since then many celebrities have given us to honor to ride in our dressage arena. This team has a history but also, I hope, a bright future.”

Isabelle Judet
«I have two children : Camille and Pamfou. I love both their character and the potential they show ! Pamfou Dressage is nothing but a family willing to devote it’s life to the construction of a great cathedral, , stone by stone …”
Camille Judet-Chéret
“Pamfou Dressage is the past, the present and the future of our family. It is both my purpose and my impulse. We have an incredible opportunity to ride on this great journey together.”
Corentin Pottier
“I’m an in-law but I intend to represent added value to this company !  Pamfou Dressage is a vision, a concept, an ambition shared by a team cohesive and fully dedicated to the success of this project.”