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Isabelle, Camille, Corentin and Kevin stand at your disposal for private lessons in French or English in Pamfou or at your barn. On your own horse or a schoolmaster horse provided on site, whether you are competitor or not, whether you want a regular training or simply hope for an unforgettable one-time experience, you can make an appointment for a training session. Contact us to discuss the terms and find the formula best suited to your particular case. 

The Prix Dressage team offers a wide range of services to share with you their knowledge and share their experience.

You have come a long way ? Maybe from abroad ? Join us without a horse for a long internship with one or several sessions per day on our advanced dressage horses and enjoy your free time to enjoy watching all training sessions on site.

Looking for a trainer for regular sessions with your own horse? Come enjoy lessons with Pamfou Dressage trainers and receive quality instructions that will inspire you on how to train your horse alone.

You are several riders hoping to benefit from our advice? Regroup and organize an vacation for one or several days in your area.

* Careful, the lessons we offer on our sport horses are only for advance riders (not necessarily dressage) .


Private lesson with a horse of Pamfou Dressage €100 TTC

Private lesson with a private horse €80 TTC


5 private lessons with a Pamfou Dressage horse

10% discount €450 TTC

5 private lessons with a private horse

10% discount €360 TTC

(payable at once at the first class)


Private lesson with a private horse €65 TTC

Membership annual €180 (including the practicing FFE licence) mandatory for:

-Pamfou Dressage frequent riders

– riders with no license